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Where there is love and care there is no darkness.

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A student is far more responsive to a teacher who loves and cares and is, therefore, more likely to learn and engage.

Let us read the story of Raj and how his teacher’s love and caring relationship helped him to do better in school. Raj was a well-known student in his school and in the class for his outstanding commitment. All students knew that he was very helpful towards teachers and his friends. He uses to volunteer in all the school events and even waited after school with teachers, to help them out in completing the extracurricular activities. One of the teachers was a keen observer of Raj’s behaviour. He encouraged and motivated him in all the works that he does in class. But, he found that Raj was not enthusiastic in studies like the way he is good at activities. He enquired from other teachers and tried to know more about Raj. But, he did not get many details from them.

One day the teacher called Raj and had a talk with him. The teacher asked “Dear Raj I appreciate your involvement in school activities, the way you help teachers and your friends. What about your studies? You are not performing well in your academics and I would like to know the reasons for your lack of interest in studies". Raj started crying. The teacher got puzzled and asked him to share his worries with him. Raj told teacher about his family issues that included the disputes between his parents and he was feeling uncared at home due to which he felt lonely, so he spends most of the time in school and makes himself involved in some work. He doesn’t want to go home.

The teacher made him understand the importance of academics in life. Raj was given the assurance by the teacher that he will be with him in all his difficulties. This love and caring character of the teacher towards Raj continued for months which made Raj focus in his academics. One day the teacher called his parents to school. He had a separate discussion with Raj’s parents where he shared to his parents about their son’s talents and dedication towards school. An insecure Raj was in need of his parent's love and care. Tears rolled from their eyes after hearing their son’s performances in different activities that were held in the school which the parents ignored and overlooked. They hugged their son and promised the teacher that they will love and care Raj in future without giving any trouble to him.

Empathy, love and understanding, caring, all of that is so important when you're an educator. It really does shape your experience as a teacher, but also the experience of students.

Optimizer @ Billabong High International School, Thane.
- Sanket Patel, Madhubala Saji, Kshama Rajgor, Ajita Bhoir, Kalyani Chaudhari, Momita Banerji, Rupal Trivedi.

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