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A journey to Peace and Freedom

It was the beginning day of the new academic year for the 8th std students. All students were enthusiastic and excited to meet their new class teacher. Students started guessing about their teacher's behaviour; whether they are going to be strict or friendly? As such thoughts went on, the teacher arrived in the class and the introduction session started between the students and the teacher.
You can't separate peace from freedom
because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.
While introducing, the teacher realised that one of the students named 'Yogi' was seemed to be disturbed. The teacher enquired Yogi about his worry and asked whether she could provide assistance to overcome it but Yogi replied "no" to her and moved to his place.

She asked other subject teachers about his behaviour and his academic performance. She came to know that in other classes too he showed the same behaviour by being quiet and also his academic performance was not up to the mark.

The teacher called Yogi separately and had a good conversation with him after school. She also talked with his parents and from them, she came to know that he is afraid of performing any kind of task. He was more worried about failure and that haunted him very much to pull-back from performing any other task and assignments.
One day in the class the teacher made four groups and gave the task in which she made Yogi as a leader of one of the group. He was surprised by this and approached the teacher and said that he didn't want to be the leader of the group. But teacher convinced well as encouraged him that its "possible" and do it to just get rid of being feared. Yogi agreed to do the task and with his leadership, the group performed well and completed the task in the 2nd place. After getting the second place the teacher could see the happiness and peace on Yogi's face. Yogi became very active in the class as well as started behaving in a good manner in the class. Henceforth, Yogi was ready to accept any task given by any of his teachers.

This is how we can bring peace in us by getting freedom from the fear which we have in us.

Optimizer @ Billabong High International School Thane.
- Sanket Patel, Madhubala Saji, Ajita Bhoir, Kalyani Chaudhari, Momita Banerjee, Kshama Rajgor, Rupal Trivedi. 

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