Freedom and Peace - Byju Joseph

Freedom is the right to do what we want. But it does not mean that someone is completely
free to do anything. We lead our life by enjoying the freedom without hurting others. It is the way of living without unnecessary restrictions.  We respect others and their freedom to do their own necessities. Freedom depends on situations. It varies from person to person, culture to culture or nation to nation. In our country, we have the freedom to live by following their duties and responsibilities. Freedom is very important for everyone to work efficiently.

When we talk about freedom in school or in the classroom, we should consider that students have the right to freedom to learn. So we allow them to experience freedom in a positive manner. That means they are not allowed to do whatever they want. They should not misuse it but to utilize their freedom to perform their duties and responsibilities well. There must be a strong relationship between teachers and their students for better learning outcomes. The freedom that the students experience in the school should be based on mutual understanding and trust among them. There must be a line of control of freedom in between teachers and students which should be formed by trust and respect. It is very important for a peaceful learning atmosphere.

We all want to maintain a peaceful atmosphere wherever we are. It may be within us, at our workplaces, in our families or in our country. Peace is a state of being free from all worries. It comes from freedom. A tense mind never can be peaceful. Self-satisfaction is very important to maintain peace within us. Being educators we focus more on the character formation and overall development of children. Mahatma Gandhi said, “If you want real peace in the world, start with children.” Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon once said, “It is not enough to teach children to read, write and converse. We must teach them to have respect for themselves, for others and for the world in which we live.” It is very clear that the value, ‘respect’ is the essence to keep and promote peace. So it is very important to learn and experience self-respect and respect for others at an early stage of the life of each individual. School is the place where these values can easily be inculcated in children. In this regard, educators have the crucial role to plan and promote these values in children.

Byju P. Joseph
The Fabindia School 

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