Trust and Simplicity - Kavita Devda

Trust means  "To believe".  If you believe in something or someone, then you should have confidence in them. To gain someone's trust we must be believable so that they will have confidence in our ability to keep up our word.  Simplicity means being simple. We should observe simplicity in life and believe in simple living and high thinking. We need to be simple, sweet, polite and humble while talking to others. We should never lose our temper. We can take simple and nourishing food to keep our body healthy and fit. We should be simple while selecting our clothes and wear according to the environment and seasons.

A short incident happened to my nephew who lives in Bengaluru.  His name is Suresh and he is an electrician. He leads a very simple life with his family. In January 2020  his uncle became serious in Rajasthan. He booked a tatkal train ticket and boarded the train on Monday evening at 5.30 pm. He was alone travelling and his family was in Bengaluru itself.  Next to his seat, four more passengers boarded the train after 2 hours.  They saw that  Suresh was alone and wanted to become friends.  They offered tea and some snacks to Suresh, but he did not have as they were strangers to him. After some time they were having dinner. They offered to him also but he refused to have as he had his own tiffin with him. 

At 10 pm those passengers started playing cards game. They told Suresh to join the game.  Anyhow he was alone so he thought it might not be risky to play with them and soon he joined them. By 11.30 pm they all became good friends and enjoyed playing and discussing their destinations. By next morning they became so close that they started sharing their family matters. On the same evening, those four passengers after the dinner planned a trick and bought cold drinks for everyone. They added something in Suresh's bottle but he didn't know about this.

 By 11 pm almost everyone went to sleep. Suresh also slept and he fainted. Soon these four passengers removed the gold chain, earrings, finger ring, watch and his purse and took them.  He had some cash in his pocket. They took that and got down to the next station at 1.30 am in the night. Next morning at 6 is when Suresh woke up and saw all these things and complained to the police about this incident.  He said that it was my mistake that I trusted those strangers. So always be careful before trusting someone while travelling alone. 

Kavita Devda
The Fabindia School

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