Responsibility and Cooperation - Richa Solanki

When we get responsibility we become more confident in ourselves. We can also control the situation. It develops respect for other people and also self-respect and we will feel freedom. In childhood, we don't know what is our responsibility but when we grow up, then we understand, that a lot of things in our lives depend on our actions and we are responsible for the act or task we do.

The responsibility helps to develop such qualities as freedom and confidence in us and we should also teach this value to students. When we are responsible for something, we should give our best efforts to complete that and this will improve our self and our self-control will help us to become more organized and responsible in life.
Making your own decision means setting goals and how to reach there. It means we should be responsible for all our words, actions and even thoughts. The possibility to promise something and to do it on time makes the person reliable. If the person does not want to take any responsibility, he could not face difficult situations in life. It is very difficult to be a responsible person, but you will get the respect of other people if you are responsible and people will corporate with you if you are responsible. Cooperation is connected with responsibility. It makes our task easier because the duties of the tasks are distributed to team members. People who cooperate can do great things, cooperation is very useful in the modern world because people cooperate with each other to do the work in a systematic way. A cooperative society is very useful because it builds trust and makes you responsible for society and our environment. If we work with the cooperation we can achieve everything Richa Solanki The Fabindia School

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