Hope and Friendship - Nikita Rajpurohit

Hope is the probability of a wish happening true. Every day we hope for hell a lot of
things, and at the same time, we lose hope for some of those things. Example:- We sleep daily by putting on an alarm with the hope of waking up the next day and making the best use of the other day, but what if someday, our breaths don't cooperate with our hopes and we never wake up for the next day. Hope you got a basic idea of how hope emerges and gets lost.

Every task we perform in our life lies behind hope. We eat with the hope of healthy physique, drink water with hope for proper hydration, vocal health and many more. In fact, even we breathe with a hope of the next breath of life. So we can say that everything is surrounded by hope in some manner.

Friendship, according to me, is a term that could never be defined in a statement. It is a feeling, it is a trust, it is a bond, it is something that's not created through blood relation only, it is something that you can rely on when you find yourself left with nothing. It is a term enough to build a strong bond within two souls. Even love takes a second place in hearts but friendship is always a top priority. It doesn't have a daily conversation and gets stronger and stronger with time.

And somewhere between both hope and friendship lies a deep connection. When you become friends with someone, it automatically creates a hope in your subconscious brain that this person now, is the person I could rely on and we both can be interdependent on each other. And when the hope is fulfilled, it ends up in a greater bond of a strong friendship. So hope and friendship are the two important values which give the inspiration to live our lives in the best possible way. Make your hope and friendship strong.

Nikita Rajpurohit
The Fabindia School

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