Freedom and Peace - Prakash Dangi

Everybody wants to be free. It means the opportunity to think and decide without any interference. Everyone wants freedom in social, economically, and cultural life. It is a condition in which people have to speak and act freely. The value of freedom can only be understood and appreciated by those who have a sense of part and a highly developed understanding of human nature.

Freedom of thought, opinion, creativity and faith are fundamentally human beings. Freedom of expression is one of the most important issues in recent years. Freedom of expression does not require following the opinion of the people, but we must give everybody the right to expose their ideas. 

Freedom refers to a state of independence where you can do what you like without any restriction by anyone. Every teacher's responsibility is to build a freedom environment in the classroom because it is essential for friendly learning. It is necessary for school life because when all teachers feel the freedom they all work together for the student's future.

“Peace” is a word that is almost as frequently as “truth,” “beauty,” and “love.” It means being one with life itself having no fear or bitterness. who is free from passion, fear and anger’ is said to have achieved inner peace. It is an important role play in education because education is more effective and meaningful in a peaceful environment.

A teacher’s prime responsibility is to help students become good human beings, motivated to fulfil their true potential not only for their own benefit but also for the betterment of society as a whole. A teacher must adapt the value of peace because “The destiny of a nation is shaped inside the four walls of the classroom”. The teacher has the greatest responsibility of building a nation.

Prakash Dangi
The Fabindia School

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