Hope and Friendship - Ajay Vijayvargi

In today's world, each one of us comes across situations when we need some help or support, which person/persons come to your mind first – definitely your FRIENDS who are hope in the day. A Friend in need is a friend indeed.

Each one of us has friends, but it is difficult to have/find true friends. Each one of us have a different definition of a friend, let us some of them – he is a person who understands us, makes us feel good, trustworthy, not judgmental, always keep in touch, listen to us when the world has left us, keeps communication uninterrupted and clear, accept you like yourself. Though it is difficult to find all qualities in a single person even if he has few of these in him, he will be our friend - our Hope in life. Whenever an incident happens to show our solidarity and our concern we light candles (Nirbhaya case) similarly when we light diyas on Diwali we do it to show our hope to remove the darkness of ignorance, fear etc. Hope can be our map to success, making our journey easier, helping us to cope up with stresses, it will help us to ignore hardships and sufferings, and give us inspiration, motivation and a mindset to achieve our goals. It helps us in making our lives better and is the essence of life. One we choose hope everything is possible, it is a belief that things will be alright and a small ray of hope helps us to fight immense darkness. Ajay Vijjayvargi The Fabindia School avi@fabindiaschools.in

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