Sensitivity 5

The fifth and last part of a series of posts from the professional learning community at The Fabindia School, they are pursuing the three-year Professional Development Programme offered by the Learning Forward India Academy. The dialogue is part of the discussion about 'sensitivity' and how it differs from 'empathy'.

Sharmila Vijayvargiya: I would like to share an experience of mine on sensitivity. My maid who was a hardworking widow had two sons and a daughter, .the hardships of life and miseries of life taught her the importance of education, so she worked hard so that her two sons get a good education. She never discussed about sending her child to school ,so one day I asked her about her daughter so she told me that what’s the use of sending her to school, one day she will get married and go, and secondly it is difficult to send her also to school because of some financial problems so I asked her if we get her admitted in some school under RTE. First, she refused and told me that her mother–in-law will not permit. For next few months whenever we get time I use to encourage and show her the importance 0f educating a girl child, for which I use to make her watch the promos of Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao, ultimately she agreed and we got her daughter admitted under RTE in my school, my principal also helped me. I use to inquire regularly about her daughter as long as we were in that city and helped her by giving her the used up pencils, erasers, etc. and to buy school uniform by giving advance and some financial help sometimes.Today her daughter is in class II and my maid is very happy and confident about her daughter `s schooling, I feel great satisfaction about this and happy too.

Monika: Senstivity is the feeling of understanding the attitude, feeling and circumstances of others and being helpful to them. Sensitivity makes a person more faithful, kind, responsible and caring towards others. These things make any relationship stronger. I would like to share an example of sensitivity in short. There was a child Rahul in my class when he was in class 3 some children told me that he always gets 1  or 2 marks in his class test, he can't even get passing marks. Rahul felt bad and I too. I could understand how did Rahul feel that time. I said we should not say anything about of others. Rahul can also get good marks in future; he can also be whatever he wants to be like doctor, engineer, scientist, etc.  One of the children said no ma'am no, he can't be. I said, " Marks do not decide our future". He does not get good marks like you because he has an interest in other fields like games, acting, etc.I told them to sit quietly and then I told them a story of Thomas Alva Edison.Edison was very poor in studies in his school time. His teachers refused to teach him but his mother helped him to study well. His mother believed that he could do anything whatever he wanted to be.  He became a great scientist. I asked them" Did his marks effect his future ?. None of them said 'Yes'. They all agreed with me. Rahul was feeling happy and I too. He felt good that his teacher has faith in him after that The children stopped saying such things. Teachers should be sensible towards the children because the teachers are directors and the children are performers. The teachers motivate and prepare them to perform well on the stage of their lives.

Rahul Rao & Ashish Chaturvedi: Sensitivity : According to a scientific parameter. Sensitivity is an ability of an instrument that how can it detect small changes in their parameters.
*High sensitive instrument have accuracy: But sensitivity is also an essential parameter in human life it shows their feeling or reaction about any changes in their atmosphere/behaviour and anything.     
*Sensitivity of  teacher have a wide area it should be able to sense.
1. Change in behaviour of students according to their age 
2. A teacher should be sensitive to judge the interest of their students. That create an interest in students work.
3. It should be sensitive to judge the effect of environment on their students. It will heal thy students.
4. The sensitive teacher can judge the health of students according to their age.
5. The sensitivity of a teacher can make a healthy, social and good character students or citizens.

Rakesh  Kumar: Sensitivity is the special quality of the brain of every living being.The human is sensible so we are great. It develops in our brain from the birth, without it we can't imagine of a human .I'm  art n craft teacher so I would like to share my experience.During the B.F.A. program, I taught art and craft at tuition to Navya who was in class 4. Navya was not interested in it but her parents wanted to teach it. In a one month class, I couldn't teach her. After it I remind the teaching technique of Tagore's Shantiniketan school means outdoor classroom concept. Tagore's considered that without any pressure we must teach them into  nature so that they can improve their capacity for learning. Next day I told that Navya today I will not tell you to draw any picture but I will show you a landscape. Then we went into a garden with scrapbook .I show her everything in nature of their shapes and colours directly. She watched everything directly which she show in books before .She told Sir these are very beautiful instead of my books .She asked more questions and took interest in drawing more than before. She drawn eagerly like cloud, tree, Greenfield, butterfly and birds etc.I consider that during teaching of every subject teachers should be more sensible, logical and caring so students can learn more .They can make an ideal character in our society. 

Tarun: We all have sensitivity and without sensitivity we can not have sympathy. It develops according to the situation it changes student behaviour according to teachers behaviour. It can be positive and negative.                                             

Urmila Rathore: Meaning to understand the quality of being easily upset by the things people say or do. It is the awareness and understanding of the feeling of other people and the ability to express thoughts and feelings.It makes a person more caring, respectful and sensible towards others.In a classroom situation, a sensitive teacher and students can create a healthy and happy environment. It helps us to know the problem of a child. It makes to be more social and develop the mental age of a child so they can perform better.  Empathy and Sensitivity: In sensitivity we have a need to be treated very carefully and positively because it may offend upset people.In empathy, we can understand another person's feeling and react easily because we also have in a similar situation.

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