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I have completed 43 years in the school teaching profession and worked in several capacities. I can with absolute conviction say that there has been a steep decline in the school's academic standards. Honestly speaking, school education is simply wrecked, and numerous contributing factors to it.

The most significant variables are the education program (curriculum) and the instructors. Rather than being the most honourable and responsible profession, schooling professional is today thought of as despairingly and looked down upon.

The curriculum is unimaginative and doesn't encourage analysis, thinking, conceptualization, rationalization etc. It's all rote and memorizing of information. Today, most teachers are moulded and conditioned to a fixed routine without anything new or fresh. It's like just passing of data day after day, week after week, year after year, like a parroted parrot.
Educators are not concerned with integration and intelligence or the enquiry of truth or wisdom; they are more anxious and concerned about religion and creed, caste and temples, temples, churches and mosques. No teacher helps children to introspect, to look within. No teacher helps children to discover themselves. Today, educators have turned into government officials bound to shallow and ideological instructions that have nothing to do with education.
Assuming that if we need to create a new world order, each educator must be both a pupil and a master. We first need to educate ourselves before we go out to educate others. If another social and educational order has to be laid out, the individual who instructs simply to acquire compensation can clearly have no place as a teacher. Bringing in cash as an instructor amounts to exploitation for one's own benefit. Tuition and coaching classes are a pointer in that direction. For a genuine teacher, worry of his own comes last.

Parents and guardians are no less to be blamed and faulted. They say they love their children but are unwilling to change the current social circumstances and existing education order. They are not willing to bring about the necessary transformation of this horrendously violent society.

Assume, if parents genuinely love their children, they would attempt to draw a new social and educational order. Most parents and guardians couldn't care less; they neither have the time to manage or address earnest educational issues. They, however, possess enough energy to time to bring in enough cash for amusement, entertainment, clubs, parties and so on. They have no opportunity to spend just thirty minutes with their kids. They would joyfully give a couple of hundred rupees as compensation for not being able to sit with them and, of course, to suppress the resulting guilt. This is a reality that a more significant part of our guardians would rather not face, for confronting it would mean surrendering their entertainment and clubs. Most guardians have diminished themselves to a lucrative earning machine, embracing power and pleasure. They would rather not face the intricacies of bringing up the kids, little understanding that they would be leaving behind a dangerous and horrendous world profoundly risky for their children.

The world we have created today is shallow, counterfeit and horribly revolting. Still, we embellish it with flowers and draperies, trusting that the artificiality will be concealed, but for how long ......

- Soham Anand, Dehra Dun, India. Originally posted on Facebook for friends and teachers.

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Brinda Ghosh: Principal Gyanshree School
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Sukhpreet Kaur: Teacher at the Gyanshree School.
Rachna Bharrdwaj: Teacher at The Doon Girl's School.
Nibbrati Rathore: Teacher at the Gyanshree School.
Neelam Waldia: Teacher at The Doon Girl's School.
Bharti Rao: Vice Principal at The Fabindia School
Piyush Rai: Teacher at the Billabong High International School Thane

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On Education and Social Media

The meeting of education and social media has an immense value for teachers, especially as a resource for lesson ideas and connecting with like minds to share experiences. This has been especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic, as teachers have been able to share best practices about remote learning. However, like every part of the internet, it has its unproductive side.

When I dig too deep into Education Twitter, I mostly experience it the way I experience looking at a feed of people's perfect lives, children, pets, homes, and vacations. I'm left with the feeling there's no way I'd be able to live up to the standard I'm seeing. Or I just know in my gut there's more than meets the eye to what's being peddled in 140 characters or a carefully crafted image. These posts on teaching can also feel disorienting when I'm not clear if the motivation is to help teachers and students or to cultivate one's personal brand.

The emergence of "Edu-Twitter' can be as agitating as any other part of social media, and it never hurts to look from a distance or find balance in the way I am using it.

It is important for me to be clear-headed and constructive in my engagement with what's shared about teaching online. If I engage during times of stress, I am likely to see other teachers' posts through the lens of unhealthy comparison, envy, or criticism - three very unproductive emotions to carry back to my students.

Reflection: It's no secret that social media can be toxic, but its best attributes can be life- and world-changing in their ability to inspire the greater good. Today I will look for ways to participate in and draw from ongoing conversations about teaching in a way that I believe will benefit my students and me most.

For All You Do
Self-Care and Encouragement for Teachers
Peter Mishler

Forgiveness - Sunita Mehta

The community reading program helps inspire you by reading and reflecting, sharing examples of where children and adults in real life are using values and is very useful to stimulate discussion and philosophical debate. The Joy Of Reading Program is only one part of our Life Skills Program - Reading, Speaking and Writing.

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Forgiveness Chapter 18, narrated by Sunita Mehta, Headmistress Gyanshree School Noida, India

Brewing Knowledge Club February 2022 Session

The journey always focuses on learning; there is tea/coffee on a train during the trip, and when the tea is warm, we like it the most. So the trip is on with reading the chapters which contain the enthusiasm and passion for learning. The chapters are as follows:  

Learning From Isolation To Collaboration was read by my English Ms Rishona. We were mesmerized with the voice and contained sentences of the chapter, that what learning is, it's not about isolation. It's about collaboration, and by collaborative learning, we learn more and gain more. 

The second chapter was read by Mr Devgan, Teachers Travel With You All Your Life. When we read this chapter, I also remembered my favourite teacher during the starting years of the learning process, and the role of the teacher is not just the teacher. They are more than the on-screen hero! 

Finally, the third chapter, Personal And Social Development At School, was read by Mr Dutt, about how an individual holistic development can be done by using 4S' Service, Skill, Sports & Study in the learning curriculum. 

And Learning, Listening, Growing our journey is going on every month on the track.  

Stay with us for this joyful journey. 

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