Do you listen to your guide inside?

My Guide Inside

Designed with Kids, Educators & Parents in mind! 

The principles discussed operate in all people. Globally applicable objectives include:

1. Enhance school students' Personal Well-being with an age-appropriate understanding of underlying principles.

2. Simultaneously develop your education curriculum with communication, Thinking, Personal & Social Awareness & Responsibility.

My Guide Inside innovation is built upon timeless principles, a simple blend of new and known!

The principles modelled, taught, discussed & practised in —My Guide Inside— operate in all people! The focus is on discovering well-being and understanding how we work while also developing academic skills and competencies. All this … plus a variety of creative activities.



Listen to what the participants have to say

Christa Campsall gives an introduction to the principles in schools. Understanding these foundational principles creates consistently dramatic results for those involved. 

The pilot for India was conducted over five Zoom sessions in February and March 2022; these sessions were born in the morning for Bob and Christa and rather a late evening for the passionate educators in India!

Brinda Ghosh: Principal Gyanshree School
Monisha Datta: Co-Founder The Doon Girls School
Sukhpreet Kaur: Teacher at the Gyanshree School.
Rachna Bharrdwaj: Teacher at The Doon Girl's School.
Nibbrati Rathore: Teacher at the Gyanshree School.
Neelam Waldia: Teacher at The Doon Girl's School.
Bharti Rao: Vice Principal at The Fabindia School
Piyush Rai: Teacher at the Billabong High International School Thane

The My Guide Inside: Training for Educators will be available for free to any educator anywhere, launch date to be determined.

Please know you are welcome to join any of the scheduled "live sharing" Zoom meetings. We envision some of you may choose to host an MGI live sharing for your education community in the future. We are sure we'll all have insights into how to Share It Forward!

About the 3 Principles in just 2 minutes!

"Bob and I enjoyed sharing with everyone!" - Christa Campsall
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