Brewing Knowledge Club February 2022 Session

The journey always focuses on learning; there is tea/coffee on a train during the trip, and when the tea is warm, we like it the most. So the trip is on with reading the chapters which contain the enthusiasm and passion for learning. The chapters are as follows:  

Learning From Isolation To Collaboration was read by my English Ms Rishona. We were mesmerized with the voice and contained sentences of the chapter, that what learning is, it's not about isolation. It's about collaboration, and by collaborative learning, we learn more and gain more. 

The second chapter was read by Mr Devgan, Teachers Travel With You All Your Life. When we read this chapter, I also remembered my favourite teacher during the starting years of the learning process, and the role of the teacher is not just the teacher. They are more than the on-screen hero! 

Finally, the third chapter, Personal And Social Development At School, was read by Mr Dutt, about how an individual holistic development can be done by using 4S' Service, Skill, Sports & Study in the learning curriculum. 

And Learning, Listening, Growing our journey is going on every month on the track.  

Stay with us for this joyful journey. 

We have merged the Brewing Knowledge Club hosted by Learning Forward India with the Joy Of Reading Program at My Good School.

Video produced by My Good School Interns

Kunal Rajpurohit
Intern at My Good School

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