Brewing Knowledge Club January 22 Meeting.

We returned again with enthusiasm for reading with our passionate teachers who can change the learning process; we read the chapter's Freedom to Perform; What Education Does; School Bell; and Going to School. While reading these chapters, we have come up with lessons that can change learning and the education process.

Reading Freedom to Perform, we discovered we can get an education, we are made independent, why can't children be free to perform and excel at their own speed?

We learned that learning and sky have a similarity, that there are no limits. When we question, we understand. In the new chapter, What Education Does, we answer what well-educated means. Everyone should read it and get the idea 'What education is and Why?' But, my favourite and it could be yours also is the School Bell.

I think MBA would be made after some of this idea and how it gives the management criteria and a bell is not lonely; it is always with its memory. It's captain yeah  A bell has its' bell captain ' every school has, And 'Going to School' is the answer to why we go to school and learning never stops after school or in life.

That's how we have completed our journey in the first month of January.

Coming soon, on the last Sunday of February, we read:

- Learning: From Isolation to Collaboration

- Teachers Travel With You All Your Life

- Personal and Social Development At School

Kunal Rajpurohit

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