Freedom and Peace - Bharti Rao

Freedom and Peace are the two values which go hand in hand. Freedom is the ability of
thoughts and actions to be executed without any unnecessary restrictions. Freedom helps us to blossom and grow positively. 

Freedom of thoughts and actions in classrooms creates a sense of responsibility and a peaceful environment. When we Educators plan engaging activities for our students and give the freedom to share their experiences the students also become active learners.

The students should be free to set their own rules and regulations for themselves so that with a sense of responsibility they will not break the decorum of the classroom. 
It has been observed that freedom builds up a strong relationship between the student and his teacher which gives better learning outcomes. It will remove the fear of their teachers from the students' mind which many children possess. Freedom enhances our thinking skills and becomes self-reliant.

We, teachers, are not there to create robots but instead, we have to groom the students to be decision-makers, self-reliant and good human beings which is only possible when we give them freedom. If you give freedom to the children they start respecting and trusting their teachers. It is the foremost duty of the Educators to inculcate these values in their students because school is the place where the child is nurtured into a good human being. 

By organizing activities like role-playing, storytelling, debate etc. we can inculcate these values in our students. I would like to end by quoting' Happiness, Freedom and Peace of Mind are always attained by giving them to someone else.'

Bharti Rao
The Fabindia School

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