Simplicity and Trust - Monika Vaishnav

We can see simplicity in many aspects of life like in our behaviour, thoughts, living style,
speech etc. According to me, simplicity means clarity of thoughts, clarity in explaining things, making things easier for people to understand something, transparency in behaviour, following simple living style by avoiding show off, showing your real personality without copying others, trying to sort out things in an easy way without making it complicated.

Simplicity brings peace to mind and happiness in our environment.  It makes us calm and helps us to avoid extra expenses which are not required at that time.  If we are clear with what we want to say and make it simpler for the people to understand, people will not only understand you but also have faith in you. It builds a direct connection between a speaker and a listener.  It is the first step to build trust in people for us. Being simple also makes our life easy and helps us to avoid things which are not necessary or have no moral values. 

Trust means having faith in someone. It is the feeling that gives confidence over someone. It is the feeling of being loyal to others.  It is the foundation of every relationship, without trust none of the relations could survive for a long time. We can't develop trust in someone, it is naturally developed when we do something honestly. It is the combination of our speech and actions. If we don't do what we promise to do, then people will lose trust in us. So we must be careful about what we speak and promise to do. If we talk about student, parents and teachers relationships, it is completely based on trust.  Simplicity develops an understanding between people and builds trust as well. 

- Monika Vaishnav
The Fabindia School

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