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Freedom is the ability to act without constraint. It can protect humans against social
problems. Freedom and Peace are both the values that are very important for us. If we feel freedom for our growth then only we will feel true happiness and can learn and create new things. I have observed these things in my classroom also. In one of my classes, I taught a lesson to the children and gave them assignments to do at home. That class was filled with lots of brilliant children.

It was a strange thing for me that children never completed their home assignments on time. I called a few students from that class and asked them the reason for the poor performance in their homework. After a few minutes of conversation with them, I got to know that some children from that class belonged to agricultural backgrounds so after going home they used to help their parents, so they were not able to complete their assignments.

They gave a few suggestions and asked permission to complete their work within the school, which I agreed. Then I was happy to see that they completed their task within the classroom whenever they got free time and even with great interest. After that children were very happy and used to finish their work before time. Now I observed that freedom actually provides growth and peace of mind.

Kusum Sharma
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