Why Sooo Serious?

"Every home is a university and the parents are the teachers." - Mahatma Gandhi

The above words of wisdom are pretty much the founding principle of our world, Why Sooo Serious?

As the name describes, our world never falls short of delivering the laughs and surprises. However, weaved in these layers of fun and joy lies the learning. This learning is beyond academics, sports or any other extracurricular activity children indulge in today. This learning is about being Happy and Healthy. Happy by heart, and healthy by mind and body. 

At Why Sooo Serious we offer the set of learning in two formats, the first is the parenting application which is a playful way enables parents to educate themselves and their child about the key areas that require attention in today’s world. 

Our second offering is functional literature which is lead by our Child Development Packs. The three packs on offer are Habits, Values and Essentials. The packs contain whimsical stories which offer to learn. Are these regular stories? We believe not. Apart from being super fun, happy and never boring, our stories are built around the real-life of a child. In these stories, you will not find Aliens from other planets, or talking animals and birds. Each book is written with the intention of a child resonating with the story as his or her own.

The length of each story aims to expand and build the attention span of the child and does not offer cluttered messages but one clear message of learning. 

Each story is penned artistically in dramatic conversational English to induce fun and retention. The stories are set across multiple beautiful and colour rich expressions of cities, towns and landscapes, from medieval and modern times. At the end of each story, the fun continues with our engaging activities and a melodious sing along the poem, you will find a few of these in the stories too.

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