Humility and Appreciation - Monika Vaishnav

Humility is the state of being humble in life. Humility develops respect for others and makes us more polite and genuine in life. It is an ability to give up pride and still maintain our dignity. Humility is the foundation of leadership, if the leader is not humble, he wouldn't listen to others, hence the people will neither cooperate nor support him and there will be complexity in coordination. 

We must help children to develop humility in themselves. We should teach them to understand themselves as well as others. We should never humiliate any child,  it develops hatred. We should teach them to apologize when they are wrong. We should train them on how to respond when they disagree with something and how to keep their point of view politely with dignity.

Appreciation is admiring or praising someone's great work. It is a token of motivation for doing good work. It inspires people to keep doing something good in life. Appreciation develops hope in us. It gives strength and helps someone who is not good at something to accept challenges and make a big difference in life. Every small work of an individual should be appreciated. If someone's effort is not appreciated or ignored, that person may lose his enthusiasm and will not give his best. 

It is also important to understand that people who are appreciated should not be overly confident or proudly, we should be humble, otherwise our pride shall create obstacles on the way to success.

Appreciation is a feeling that fills our mind and heart with joy, honour and gives the energy to keep doing good deeds in life. So, we must remember to appreciate even small work or effort done by the students. It helps them to improve in the area where the child is not good at and to enhance the skills where they are good at.

Monika Vaishnav
The Fabindia School

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