Hope and Friendship - Prerna Rathod

Hope is that element of human life which enables man to live his life not only for himself
but for his family, society, friends and country. Man always persists to achieve his goals in life in the hope of getting something better and achieving success. It’s his emotions of hope that he feels that one day at a point in his life he will be able to get prosperity, love, money, fame, etc for his family and friends.

Friendship always goes hand in hand with hope. Everyone hopes to get a friend circle in which they will be able to share joys and sorrows without any hope of getting in return from them. Of all relations, only friendship is such a bond which does not expect from you anything but is always ready to give.

Hence, every one of us either older or younger always wishes and hopes to get a friend on whom you can rely on. True friends always stay the same and are never apart. They promise to keep their friendship alive until death does not separate them. They hope to meet and serve each other in their needs. A friend in need is a friend indeed. 

Krishna and Sudhama were childhood friends in gurukul, but they hoped to meet each other when they grew up. This ray of hope enforced Sudhama to go and meet his friend Krishna. The story of their reunion is known to all. 

So, hope and friendship are two pillars of true friendship.

I would like to end with “As long as friendship lives in heart, true friends are never apart”.

Prerna Rathod
The Fabindia School

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