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A conflict situation in class can arise when there's disagreement, tension, or misunderstanding between students or the teacher. It could involve arguments, bullying, competition, or differing opinions on topics.

Meaning of the term CONFLICT:
Conflict refers to a disagreement or clash between two or more individuals or groups due to differing interests, opinions, values, or needs. It can arise in various contexts, such as personal relationships, workplaces, communities, or international affairs. Conflict can range from minor disputes to more serious confrontations and can be managed through communication, negotiation, and problem-solving strategies.

Conflict resolution in a classroom setting is essential for maintaining a positive learning environment. Here are some key strategies for handling conflicts in class:

1. Active Listening: Encourage students to listen to each other without interrupting and to acknowledge each other's perspectives.

2. Mediation: If necessary, act as a mediator to facilitate a discussion between conflicting parties, helping them understand each other's viewpoints and find common ground.

3. Teach Conflict Resolution Skills: Educate students on effective communication, problem-solving, and negotiation techniques to help them resolve conflicts independently.

4. Establish Ground Rules: Set clear expectations for behaviour and communication in the classroom to prevent conflicts from escalating.

5. Promote Empathy: Encourage students to consider how their actions and words affect others, fostering empathy and understanding.

6. Address Issues Promptly: Deal with conflicts as soon as they arise to prevent them from escalating and disrupting the learning environment.

7. Encourage Collaboration: Provide opportunities for students to work together on projects or activities, promoting teamwork and reducing potential conflicts.

By implementing these strategies, educators can create a supportive and respectful classroom environment where conflicts are addressed constructively, allowing students to focus on their learning and personal growth.

Ms. Sanyogita Dubey 
Sunbeam English School Bhagwanpur.

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