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Learning is all about growing and expanding your knowledge. And in this 21st century when we all are digitized it is all part of learning and discovering new things.

Moreover, I actually find love is learning when I see myself in 2010  and compare it with 2024- it has a vast difference. I gained a deeper understanding of the world around me. I explored different subjects and developed new skills. This enhanced my confidence and opened up new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

I think when you love learning you keep exploring and seeking knowledge. For me, learning is like a never-ending adventure that keeps me engaged and excited. But as a matter of fact, learning can sometimes feel challenging or overwhelming and then, learning becomes hatred. 

I am a single parent, and handling stress or being over-pressurized by my professional life makes me feel helpless, affecting my perception of learning. I often get frustrated when it comes to learning in stressful situations. 

But suddenly I felt it's okay to feel frustrated at times, it is also worth considering the benefits that learning can bring. If there are specific aspects of learning that you find difficult or dislike, it might be helpful to explore different approaches or seek support from teachers, mentors or peers. And yes it's true, when you feel over pressurized it's really tough to enjoy learning.

Few tips to make learning enjoyable rather than boring -

  • Find your passion. 
  • Make it interactive or innovative. 
  • Set goals.
  • Embrace curiosity.
  • Connect with others.
  • Take breaks.

So let's keep fueling our love for learning alive and continue to embrace the wonders of knowledge.
Happy Learning!
Vijeta Wilson 
Sunbeam Indiranagar

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