Unity and Caring - Rachna Bharrdwaj

Unity gives us power, strength, courage, a feeling of oneness, a feeling of togetherness. Proximity, similarity, respect, selflessness are some components of unity.

To create a word, we have to rearrange the alphabets. In the same way, to create a number, we have to rearrange the digits. If the letters of a word or digits of a number are far apart, it becomes challenging to read them. Bring them closer to each other and see the magic. Things have become easy to understand. This is the beauty of unity. When you bring certain units in close vicinity, you are establishing a visual unity of those units. 

Observe the given image; the dots are scattered, but joining them together in a planned way gives meaning to the image. Unity exists when your units agree. Unity can be seen as the single important goal of any plan. The important elements of our unity are giving respect, care to each other and living together peacefully and happily.

Ubuntu in the Xhosa (an African tribe) culture means: “I am because we are.”

How could any of us be happy if all the others were sad?

People who are caring enter their daily lives with an attentive perspective. They pay attention to what people do when talking to them, and they are sensitive to their needs and feelings. To be a more caring person, one has to appreciate the people in their lives as much as possible. Caring people focus on maintaining a healthy, positive relationship. Caring allows you to develop empathy for others and provide a listening ear without asking for a reward. 

Here I share one of my experiences. It was a sunny day, and class 5 students were playing musical chairs during their study time. I inquired and came to know that this was their reward for doing excellent work in the class. What surprised me, however, was the way they were playing. There was a twist in the game. For the class of 15 children, she placed 14 chairs in the beginning and told them they all had to find a place on the chairs. If one of them could not find a chair to sit on, all of them would be out. So when the music stopped, they grabbed each other and made sure that everybody got a place to sit. In that way, on the removal of every chair, they were helping each other.  Their excitement took the game to another level, and without any explanation, the teacher succeeded in sowing the seeds of unity and care in them.

Due to this, everyone took care of each other, supported each other and did not leave anyone alone. When all move forward together, everyone grows, everyone moves forward, and no one is left behind.

Rachna Bharrdwaj

- The Doon Girls School 

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