Welcome Apula Singh

We are most delighted to welcome Apula Singh who has so kindly joined the GAHS Team. 
She will be the Hon. Exec. Secy. and will be connecting with all the members and partners. 
Apula will be at the GAHS Office every Saturday from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm, to assist our members and help in the development of GAHS as a major partner in YES (Youth Engaging Society) Projects.

Key areas of work for Apula:

1. Connect with the individuals
2. Collect subscriptions
3. Market the events of GAHS and the partners
4. Attend / work as Event manager
5. Take care of the PR and communication needs of GAHS

All GAHS members and Award participants doing the Gold can participate in the workshops and events. The Youth Leadership Week scheduled for Sept. 2012 and the Spiti Gold Solar Project 2013 are now our annual events, do sign up fast as we only take limited numbers. In addition you can also participate in the Youth Empowerment & Leadership workshops of our partner YES.


Connect with Apula:
The office numbers are +911126493400 or +911126497154
Email: apula@ebd.in and you can also call her +91 9899415665

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