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Greetings Gold Award Holders!

It is my honor to introduce you to YES (Youth Engaging Society) platform that we have designed for youth leadership development and through YES you will be constantly provided with opportunities to engage with society.

Our model of 4S (Education = Skill + Service + Sports + Study) lays stress on empowering you by means of interacting with the community and keeping you involved in activity.

We are continually signing up with partners to provide you with a range of activities to be part of.

Upcoming YES Youth Empowerment and Leadership Workshops:
1st October: Tagore International School, New Delhi
27th October: In-Studio Workshop for 10 people.

We have partnered with The FabIndia School, Rajasthan and you could certainly volunteer with the School activities.

The International Spiti Gold Solar Project 2013 is another activity in offing for you. Enroll yourself for an experience of a lifetime…

Happy  to share all the news!

Apula Singh

Email: Apula@EBD.IN

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