Award Training Centre (ATC)

ATC now open at Dehradun

Education Hub – home to the best public schools in India/ Easy availability of trained adult volunteers/ teachers.

Dehradun, the capital city of the state of Uttarakhand is flanked by the majestic Himalayan mountain range in the north and the picturesque Shivaliks in the south. Apart from the quality educational institutes, the scenic location and pleasant weather have made Dehradun Education quite attractive.

The city is home to over 300 high schools, including some old Irish Christian Missionary schools. Notable institutions in Dehradun include The Doon School, St. Joseph's Academy, Dehradun, St. Thomas' College, Dehradun and Welham Girls School and Welham Boys School. The Rashtriya Indian Military College is a public boy’s school and feeder to the National Defence Academy.

The city boasts of a good number of schools and educational institutions, which are either affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) or National Open Schools. There are exclusive schools for girls and boys as well as co-educational schools among which some are residential, and hence the city is home to some of the most competent and experienced teachers of the country. The city is ideal for the promotion of the Award since it has trained adult manpower. A training center is therefore ideal for the functioning and the promotion of the award.

Five YES Centers, Special Projects and Rural Projects
APF has set up a number of YES centers and special and rural projects in the region and hence the training needs of the same can be addressed with an Award center in Dehradun.

Great camp and service areas in and around Dehradun/ Adventure and recreational hub
Trekking and adventure tourism in Dehradun is the most important part of the campaigning in Dehradun. Dehradun, is blessed with lush green mountains, extensive wildlife, deep gorges which attracts the both adults and youth to explore the land and embark on a journey of unfolding the secrets on the land.

Trekking and adventure tourism in Dehradun reveals a harmony between the supreme beauty and the harshness of nature. Adventure sports like trekking; jeep safari, skiing, camping, and water-sports offer a chance to witness the wild beauty of the greater Himalayan range and alpine meadows. The setting is ideal for motivating the youth and the development of the program.

Starting place of the award in India/ Economical getaway from bigger cities
Award has been running in Dehradun since its inception in India. Dehradun is a economical and viable option for training since its well connected by rail, road and air from the bigger cities. Dehradun offers a pleasant economical getaway from city life and is an attraction for tourists from India and abroad.

Bordered by Three States
The city has been chosen as one of the counter magnets to the NCR region and is being developed as an alternative centre of growth to help ease the migration and population explosion in the NCR area. The city is also bordered by three states i.e. Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab which are also known for a number of prominent educational institutions. A training centre in Dehradun can be develop and promote the award in the surrounding states.

Arun Deoli
Development Manager

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