Letter for parents: Take off and land as a winner

Dear Parents,

All the best for your wards'  Exams, fasten your seat belt as the Exams take off and kindly follow the rules that you can read and watch below... 

You have to wear an oxygen mask of Tolerance when your child is angry, anxious and stressed. 

In case of Emergency of your child's Low grades in examination, do not forget to wear the life jacket as it posses three most important elements to save you and your child to drown in life and they are love, care and justice...

In our journey of examinations, you will be provided with the delicious cuisine of Guidance, tips to stress-free examination and lots of love which would make your journey calm and composed.

In case you need to do an Emergency landing to the examination without preparation of examination, we will be providing you enough time to prepare and also an opportunity to land at the safest place in Examination whenever you are prepared. This journey of Examination will not give the assessment of your intelligence, it will be the assessment of your Behavior to deal with all situations and come out as a great winner with safe landing...

Let your child Take off on this flight of Examination with ease and happiness...
And land with safety, courage and immense success.

Best Regards,

Tazeen Siddiqui
Principal, HPS Kids

Post filed by Tazeen Siddiqui of Mansha Vision India fortazeen@gmail.com

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