Sweet school memories that made your childhood last forever- Hemlata

I remember way back during the school days I used to hate waking up in the morning and dressing up to go to school, recalling the previous day's homework that was forced upon us. I used to think everyday "oh good! When will I grow up and there will be no burden of studies all the time." But now, I would just do anything to go back to my school days, sit in my classroom,  play games with my friends, wearing a color uniform on my birthday,  the entire class to sing birthday, distributing chocolate and then taking your best friend along with you to give chocolate to the teacher in the entire school.

Eating lunch before recess is something that each one of us has done during school days. There always used to be a person who would forget to wear white uniform on Wednesday and they would get punished for not following the rules. School time would be incomplete without the big farewell and Teacher's day celebration. I still remember how much we used to think about wearing a saree for the first time ever in school.

Before even passing the tenth grade, we all were so excited about the farewell. Republic Day and Independence Day along with Annual Day were three most important days in school which were full of excitement and fun.
Hemlata Vaishnav
Student of Class- XII Com. The Fabindia School, Bali

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