Devyani Dutt: My Transformational Journey

I walked into the Welham Girls’ School campus in Dehradun as an overweight 9-year-old, and began a transformational journey, one I am still on until today!

Eight long years at boarding school flew by laughing, crying, studying, playing, eating, and doing pretty much everything together with a group of girls who were not necessarily like me.  We were from different families, cultures, religions and socio-economic backgrounds, but we found a way to make it work, sometimes willingly and at other times unwillingly.

The years we spent together, instilled in me…
curiosity to learn about people who were not like me
empathy to understand them in their own context
ability to value differences they bring to the table
desire to create a space where each one has a voice

Twelve years later, I am here pursuing a career in diversity and inclusion! The lessons I learnt at school, and the behaviours they instilled in me, are now my passion! I strive each day to build a workplace where everyone can feel included and experience a sense of belonging. I am beginning to call another country ‘home’, I share special moments every day with people who do not look like me, I willingly eat food I never tasted earlier, and I live with an individual who I did not even know two years ago!

It is no more professional or personal endeavour but a life long journey – a way of life!

Devyani Dutt, Manager Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at LinkedIn APAC
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