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Your happiness depends upon the choices you make and if you want to stay elated, then the selection of the right  is superlative. You will have to look into different aspects of the career and then decide whether it will be suitable for you in the long or not. now here comes in the role of the career counsellor which is also pretty crucial because students today don’t wish to settle for anything less than what they deserve. In addition, the rise of new age off beat careers are successfully helping follow our hearts, to the most rewarding profession.

Now here in this situation Lifepage comes as the ultimate saviour to almost every career counsellor as well as to our aspiring children. It is a free tool for self interpretation, in this app some real professionals share their honest perspective about their career. A photographer talks about the photography, an engineer talks about the engineering and so on...!

When you like a particular career talk you can do a self assessment on the talk to calculate your dream index which is defined as “According to the psychologist in the talk, your dream chances of success in psychology is 83%”.

Dream IndicesAs you accumulate your dream indices, your personalized career reports gives an explicit idea of which career is best for you. The advisors are bunch of highly motivated individuals who are committed to help you out to attain your full prospects.

Mradula Lokre is Career Counselor at The Iconic School, she is a promising young member of Learning Forward India and is currently at the Level II of the Professional Learning Program.

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