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Ammara Habib
Over the past few years, Ammara has worked across various fields, which enabled her to diversify her perspective on life and its dealings. Her experience in the field of education, coupled with her passion for everything branding and marketing, has led her to the inception of Mad About Ed, India’s first Edvertising Agency. While working with over 350+ schools from across India, she has closely witnessed the passion and hard work that educators put in every single day. This has also helped her identify the gaps in marketing and branding in the education sector. She strongly feels that the right tools and research-driven insights can help organisations and educators unlock their potential and optimise their results.

These insights and the professional engagements with educators strengthened her knowledge of the education sector enabling her to engage with an even larger audience. A Master of Science in Applied Psychology, Ammara is also a staunch advocate of the Violence Against Women Movement and has worked with victims of domestic violence.
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