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“Simplicity is not about deprivation. It is about a greater appreciation for little things that really matters”. 

It is the fact that something is natural and not complicated. It is being simple. Simplicity mainly focuses on the main and important things and let go of the rest of the things. Simplicity is that which is easy to understand and explain. It is adding no luxury items and showoff rather its motive is to be clear in our thoughts. Simplicity means being pure from inside as well as from outside. 

Example: Getting into the new class makes a child learn different new things. But teaching them in a complicated way makes their morale down. The students get demotivated when they are not able to learn the simplest things. It is the duty of the teachers to find out the simplest way to make students easily understand.

Trust is a foundation of whatever we do. 

Trust is the best source of learning anything. Simplicity and Trust are related to each other. Simple things are easy to trust. Trust is the belief of being honest and expect that something is true. All the relationships are based on trust and understanding. It’s a belief that you can depend on someone blindly. 

We can only trust someone when we have faith in them. It is the belief that somebody is good and honest.
Example: A child has full trust on the teacher that whether whatever doubts I will have the teacher will never say no to whatever I ask. The trust of a child will always inspire a teacher to perform better and the teacher will do his /her best to maintain the trust of the students. 

Story of Simplicity and Trust
During my schooling, I use to go to the tuition where the students from the backward areas or from the families who cannot afford the fees or expenses of expensive schools use to come. The head of the institution made sure that every child who has an interest in learning something is there in that tuition class. He without any fees educated each and every child of the village. In the village also he was known for his simplicity. He used to love the children. He always used to encourage everyone to study hard so that they can become successful in their lives. He taught everyone to be clear in their thoughts and whatever they say should be to the point rather than adding extra things and make it complicated. 
Also, he had trust in everyone that they will surely get success in their lives if they keep on working hard. He taught the students to he presentable. And now the students who were taught by him have succeeded in their life and this only happened due to the trust he had in them. 

Achievers JMMS @ John Martyn Memorial School, Salangaon, Dehradun - Sweta Thapli, Meena Kukreti,  Jyoti Joshi and Nisha Pundir 

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