Report: Impact of The Teacher's Academy July 2024


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Here are the key points about the impact of The Teacher's Academy (formerly LFIN Academy by Learning Forward India), as per research done by Otter AI:

The Teacher's Academy is a professional development program for teachers run by the Learning Forward India Foundation. Its goal is to help teachers improve professionally and personally, leading to greater happiness and better learning outcomes.

  • The program focuses on core skills like reading, reflection, and relationship building. The World Bank education group recognised it as a top global innovation.

  • Over the years, hundreds of teachers have participated in The Teacher's Academy program. Pre-pandemic, it was run in-person and then shifted online during COVID. It continues to run weekly sessions on Saturdays.

  • Teacher's Academy aims to help teachers cover the 50 hours of professional development required by India's National Education Policy. The program includes reading, assignments, reflection, and relationship building.  

  • Participating teachers have improved their skills and capacities, and student achievement has also increased due to teacher participation in the program.

  • The Teacher's Academy has increased happiness among teachers and students and helped create positive school cultures and environments.

  • The Teacher's Academy has demonstrated that focusing on teacher development empowers and supports teachers, leading to better student learning outcomes and experiences.

In summary, The Teacher's Academy has significantly improved teacher skills and capacities through professional development, leading to better school cultures and increased student achievement. Its innovative model has been globally recognised.

The Teacher's Academy has helped improve teacher skills and capacities:

  • Reading: The Teacher's Academy focuses on improving teachers' reading skills through weekly reading sessions. In these sessions, teachers read and discuss a chapter from a book together, which helps improve their comprehension, vocabulary, and ability to analyse texts.

  • Reflection: Teachers are encouraged to reflect on their reading and share their thoughts through voice messages, texts, emails, etc. This develops their critical thinking and self-assessment skills.

  • Relationships: By reading together and having thoughtful discussions, teachers build stronger connections with each other. This improves their communication skills and ability to collaborate.

  • Writing: Teachers have opportunities to write blog posts, tweets, etc., to share their reflections, which enhances their writing skills.

  • Digital skills: Teachers learn to use online tools like Telegram, Google Drive, blogs, etc., which builds their digital literacy.

  • Content creation: Teachers are encouraged to create podcasts, presentations, etc., to share their learning. This develops their ability to synthesise information and teach others.

  • Coaching support: Experienced coaches guide teachers, which helps them implement new teaching strategies.

In summary, The Teacher's Academy employs a holistic approach to developing essential skills, such as reading, reflection, collaboration, writing, content creation, and more, to significantly improve teacher capacities.

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