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We welcome Dr Gargi Singh of The Iconic School to Brewing Knowledge. Post our session to share the My Good School philosophy and how Happy Teachers work to build professional learning communities, Gargi kindly shared her perspective.

The 'My Good School' designation shows the value a school places on professional learning and student achievement. The schools work for the personal and social development of an individual, by subscribing to our philosophy of quality in education, offering an environment where experiential learning is made possible through activities beyond just study; this brings to life learning that would otherwise be theoretical and uncoordinated. School teachers have the most important role in delivering quality education. There is an enormous paucity of good teachers, the only way out is in-service training and building a Professional Learning Community.

Gargi's views are shared below:
"1. Teachers are the prime focus for any change, and the maximum strengthening is required with them if they are empowered it is then that they bring up the most beautiful programs
2. Every step needs an Indicator, and if the change is mapped, then the indicators reflect all the action in the direction of the vision the school, that facilitates the monitoring and the mentoring at the correct time and in the most needed areas.
3. The Indicators also give a scope to tell people that their contribution is immense in the organisation and can act as a great motivating factor for all the individuals who are involved in the education program".

Dr Gargi Singh, The Iconic School, Email,

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