Schooling for Learning Workshop by Adhyayan and XLR

The major takeaway
  • Learning; is a journey
  • Make Education a Celebration
  • Fun in Learning will lead to attention and retention
  • For better learning, content should be thoughtfully organised
  • An appropriate method of delivery
  • Energising, engaging and active team of facilitators
  • Desired impact on student learning, growth and achievement
Major focus on a team of leaders
  • Identify the role and responsibility of leaders
  • State students expected to learn outcomes
  • State areas of focus for a class observation
  • Ensure students getting enough opportunities for independent learning Specify, data to be monitored
Leadership training programs a necessity- It was a great learning experience! 

Module 1: Classroom Environment: How to create a bright and welcoming classroom environment that promotes good learning.
Module 2: Relationships in the Classroom and around the School: How to promote good relationships between children and a clear teacher understanding and support for children’s learning and social needs.
Module 3: Quality Child Learning: How to ensure all children are equally engaged and interested and presented with work which challenges them and is regularly marked by the teachers.
Module 4: Child Enjoyment and Achievement: How to create lessons which children both enjoy and achieve into the best of their abilities.
Rajeshree Shihag
Principal, The Fabindia School
Any professional development opportunity should be something that will benefit the students and teacher through new strategies, techniques, or tips that can be utilized in the classroom or community. Professional development can be highly beneficial if what is learned is then utilized to further the education of students.
As teachers plan for their classes, deliver their lesson, monitor student engagement, measure the impact of their teaching, and adjust their practice to optimise student learning, they become learners of their own teaching.

Adhyayan works alongside school leaders and our partners to assist them in transforming the quality of schooling and the learning opportunities of all their students by embedding internationally accepted approaches and practices contextualised for India.

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