Why is this happening to me?

"It always rains the hardest on the people who deserve the sun." Sometimes you wonder why you need to face the distasteful life around you, but then you realize that had it not been for that then your progress would not have happened. You should cherish even these distasteful moments to learn the great lessons of life. I too have asked the same question many a time, and today I am more than grateful to have gone through those tough situations in life. In those tough times, I would remember the life-story of hashtagSteveJobs, who was thrown out of his own company and had to face death at a very early stage in life. His world came crashing, but he never once gave up; instead, he fought his death and won his empire and gave the world the hashtagiPhone and made hashtagApple what it is today. Therefore, embrace life the way it is and make it worth living every moment. hashtagLife is beautiful when you are passionate about what you do, doing things which you once feared, and by serving humanity and this world around you. Never get embroiled with yourself, open your mind to this universe, and you will learn to smell the rose, enjoy the sunshine and dance in the rain. "When life is sweet, be thankful and celebrate. When life is bitter, thank it and grow." hashtagRAJPEPTALKS hashtagwriter
Rajeshree Rao

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