Kavita Devda: Speaking

Speaking is the delivery of language through the mouth. Speech can flow naturally from one person to another in the form of dialogue. It can also be planned and rehearsed, as in the delivery of a speech or presentation. Speaking can be formal or informal.

Informal speaking is typically used with family and friends, or people you know well. Speaking occurs in business or academic situations, or when meeting people for the first time.

The four main important skills are Fluency, Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation.
1. Fluency is about how comfortable and confident we are in speaking English. Whatever is spoken by us should be understood by the listener.

2. Vocabulary- If we don't have enough words then you cannot speak. So vocabulary is a must. Being a good speaker means constantly growing our vacabulary. If we know more interesting words then our speaking skills will be stronger. The best way to grow our vocabulary is to read more and make a note of new words.

3. Grammar- If we know the grammar properly then we do fewer mistakes while speaking. Though we should not be worried about mistakes. A good speaker does not have to use perfect grammar.
4. Pronunciation- Pronunciation is also a skill that can be practised. If we simply listen carefully to the person who is speaking and try to imitate them as closely as possible.

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