Monika Vaishnav: Speak to Express

Speaking  is the way to express  our views, thoughts or opinions. It is a reflection  of what we think and what we feel. It converts our thoughts into words. It gives  expression of our behavior and personality. Speaking is the accurate  medium  of expressing knowledge. It is the way to have  communication  and interaction with others.

When we speak, two things are majorly considered, diction and fluency. We must think before  speaking, especially when we are angry because in anger, our mouth works faster than our minds. Whatever  we speak, leaves  our impression on others. it can make someone happy or it can make someone extremely angrily. We  must have clarity and quality in our speaking, as people  judge us on the basis of what we speak or talk. A person who has a lack of clarity in his speaking, is unable to express himself thoroughly, creates misunderstanding or confusion.  It impact badly on our impression. Every system is based on proper communication and interaction, one must learn a language  to express himself with clarity.  We should be able to have strong conversation in our mother tongue and the official language that we use at our workplace.

The children  speak what they hear from their parents, teachers or friends. So we should talk to them in such a way we expect them to do with us. If we speak angrily or in harsh tone, it could return the same to us, so we should react accordingly. 

The children are taught  rhymes and songs to develop  their speaking skills. They learn to speak  with clarity   through  rhymes  and songs. The children should be encouraged to interact  and communicate  with people from different areas to know different styles of speaking. They should be encouraged to participate in debates and  extempore to make himself or herself confident to react immediately with proper words and fluency.

The teachers should interact with children more and involve them to communicate freely and when they express their views, they should be asked questions like why, how or what. This will make them think about that matter and their critical thinking skills will be developed and this will make them more confident while speaking. Words are the most powerful things because they can free our thoughts which are prisoner in our minds.

Monika Vaishnav, The Fabindia School

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