Prerna Rathod: Play, Curiosity and Enthusiasm

Play is an important part of school life. Play is taken as sports or games. Play doesn’t imply to games, it means activities that help in learning. Of course sports and games are important part of education as these help students to remain fit and healthy. Also while playing games, students learn important values like playing a fair game, team spirit, leadership, excepting defeat with courage, etc.

Learning through play-way method is one of the best way to teach the student. For pre-primary students, this method is most suitable to teach them new concepts. Play is not just playing games, but it means solving puzzles, riddles, role play, simple games on numbers and words. These games develop the interest of the students and they start taking an interest in what is been taught to them. This leads to curiosity and they want to learn more. Thus, the students will always be attentive in the class and eager to learn more.

Curiosity leads to enthusiasm. A child’s mind will start to work in many directions. His/her creative and critical thinking will enhance. He/she will start building new concepts. They will try to find more regarding a topic. This will develop their imaginations and scientific learning. Thus, in higher classes, they will be able to understand difficult concepts and try to find solutions for any problem they face and their learning will never stop.

Once the basic understanding and foundation of a child are set, they will become good human beings. They will be ready to face the world confidently and without any fear. They will become independent to take a decision in all phases of their life. But one must remember parents and educators should guide and support the children in their journey. Even if they are a failure at a certain point, motivate them to do better. This will help to build their self-esteem. Also, they will do better in life and take risks in life.
Play develops curiosity and this leads to enthusiasm.
Prerna Rathod
The Fabindia School,

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