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When the sparkling water bubbles bedazzle you more than diamonds, then you know the joy of simplicity. When the fragrance of wet mud after the showers enthrals your soul more than the expensive perfume, then you experience the beauty of simplicity. When the swing on the tree looks more inviting than a drive in the car, then you embrace simplicity. When you have it all and don't flaunt it, stay rooted and treat all alike, then you wear simplicity like a heritage ensemble that tells a story about your good upbringing. Simplicity is throwing pebbles in a pond and enjoying the ripples. Simplicity is being yourself and enjoying the simple things of life.

Simplicity is to be happy with what we have and not want things just because others have them. Simplicity can mean different things for different people. I am not sure if simplicity can actually be taught; we learn by observing others. Children are born simple, but sometimes we as adults don’t let them remain that way. We feel we need to follow our peers or not fit in or be cool enough.  Life is simple and easy, we complicate things.

We have often heard that trust is the key to every successful relationship. Trust also gives a sense of security. We must trust children for them to trust us. We form opinions and brand them. For example, we feel a naughty and disobedient child is never honest, and we don’t give them a chance to explain themselves.

Trusting people is essential but not very easy. Trust is the base of most relationships, and trust comes with time. We trust people when we know we can be honest with them, and we are not being judged.  For children to trust us, we need to be trustworthy and make sure we do not discuss what the child has shared with us. Sometimes a child trusts us and shares their thoughts with us, and we betray their confidence. Trust works both ways we need to trust children too.

Dynamic DGS @ THE Doon Girls School, Dehradun - Reena Gusain, Reah Sikand, Meenakshi Panwar, Shilpika Pandey, Rachna Bharrdwaj & Sumali Devgan

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