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Hello Dear Students,

With a new topic, I am again in front of you for your career guidance.
Today my topic is "Preparing the base for open competition exams along with 11th & 12th classes."
Dear Students, let us throw some light on the dos and don'ts.

1.Nearly 60%  syllabus of above competitions comes from class 11th, so start early, i.e., from initial months of class 11th.
2. Always underline NCERT Book while reading.
3. Remember students, MCQs are the real diamonds in our study.
4. Focus more on topics as per the subjects.
Physics- Formulae & numerical
Chemistry- Chemical equations
Math- More practice
Biology- Labelled diagram with working.
5. Solve every numerical up to end till you match your answers correctly.
6. Use the clock ⏰ to complete a fixed number of MCQ in a fixed time.
7. Check your accuracy every time in solving MCQs.(% of questions correctly answered)
8. Use only standard reference books.
9. Use animations and ppt to understand difficult topics.
10. Last year paper of the exams is a must to understand the actual paper pattern.
Don't :
1. Don't give unnecessary time to any particular question.
2. Don't trust model papers before practising previous year solved papers.
3. Don't hesitate to ask your doubts with your teacher.
Courtesy :
4. Don't copy or follow others time table. Instead, make your own timetable as per your convenience.
5. Don't try to learn long theoretical topics line by line. Verbal quizzes are one of the best modes to study theoretical chapters.
6. Don't increase study hours at the expense of health due to physical inactivity.
Instead have light exercises or yoga. Only sound health can lead to sound study.
7. Don't be over-ambitious for a particular aim.
Spare some time for family gossips to maintain mental health.
8. Don't cut off from family and good friends as they definitely support you in the study.
9. Don't expect perfection, instead, learn from mistakes and try not repeating them again.
10. Don't run behind success, instead run for the qualities like patience, self-honesty, perseverance, punctuality, discipline, hard work, self-belief, co-operation, satisfaction, success will come your way by itself.

Manish Jaiswal
The Fabindia School

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