Love - Rahul Kumar Thakur

Love is a feeling of deep affection. Love is an interpersonal relationship between two people. It creates an environment in which everyone feels secure and safe. It is a parameter through which we can attach with each other deeply.

Someone told a great line that in the educational system scholars should be given love not thought, because they have their own thoughts. But nowadays students are not being given love, but they are only pressurized by the educator.

Love plays a vital role in the system of education. An educator can change a student's life if the educator is caring (lovable) towards the students, he can teach anything to him or her & along with that the students will also show their interest in hearing. They will learn with more curiosity & according to our thought, things that cannot be solved by any technique or method can be done by the help of love.

Rahul Kumar Thakur 
The Fabindia School

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