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Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated – Confucius

The word ‘simplicity’ seems very simple but it is much more than that, somebody said it very right that – if one wants to really talk about simplicity and trust you need to look through the eyes of a child.

I know a person; maybe you might also know her. A girl who didn't let the child within her die and is a child by heart. She is not a philosopher or a legend, she is as common as we are – she is Geet Dhillon of ‘Jab We Met' movie.


Sometimes it’s the smallest things that take up the most room in your heart- Winnie the pooh.

Geet-whose child within made her real, a girl with a simple approach towards life. I love when she says,

“Jo kuch insaan real mein chahta hai, actual mein, use wahi milta hai”


It’s a quality:

-        Which lets you to be what you are.
-        Which helps in focusing what is most important to you.
-        Keeps you connected with your roots, make you generous and calm..
-        Makes you down to earth person.
-        Makes you believe or trust yourself
-        Gives room to breathe.


 And Geet had them all...

Simplicity is such a quality that gives birth to TRUST and true ETERNAL BLISS. This 10-letter word has immense power, which can make one’s life filled with meaning, a life full of love, friendship, generosity, care, trust and happiness.

Here sharing a TRUE STORY inspired by a small girl who explains -how Simplicity  Happiness and Trust go together and makes a GoldenTriangle.

Click here👇  if you have trouble viewing the video.

But it is really sad that as time passes, we get busy and then busier; when and how our hand slips the child (simplicity)within, that even our heart doesn’t come to know.

Let’s keep this child alive.....

  - Meditate as it brings inner peace and self-awareness.- We and our life stories,all       are unique hence no comparison.

         - Keep yourself connected with a beautiful gift of God -NATURE. And surely you’ll be one step ahead in keeping and maintaining the simplicity on its own true level.

     -  Giving gifts or time to the people or to the organizations when and where needed.  As a gesture of giving is a symbol of love, care and selflessness which in return will give you soul satisfaction and be REAL.

At last I would conclude with these amazing lines of Seline Shenoy…..

“Adopting simplicity doesn’t mean giving up all the material possession and retreat to the Himalayas. Rather simplicity is expressed in how we function, how we think, behave, live and make choices. Simplicity does not depreciate the values of life but makes it more accessible.”

Believe me, people will not tag you if you are SIMPLE, in fact, they will admire you and say- There is great beauty in your SIMPLICITY!

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