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Health is the well being of our body physically, emotionally and mentally. But the definition of health is different for everybody. For some people, being healthy is just having an average weight, for some, it is like just proper functioning of the body, for others it may relate to having just no disease. 

In my opinion, this is based on the factor of how a body reacts. For example, if the body is surrounded by a happy environment, then it is happy, and positive energy is released, helping develop good health. Being happy and stable from mind makes you emotionally strong, mentally fit and motivates you to become physically fit and fine. 

Health is something which can be acquired just by having peace of our mind. If the body is surrounded by an unhappy environment, the case will be reversed, then it is unhappy, and negative energy is released, and we become unhealthy. We can also make some of the following steps as our daily routine to develop good health and stay fit.
1. Go for morning and evening walk.
2. Do yoga for having a fit body.
3. Do meditation for peace of mind as well as for inner peace.
4. Take a balanced diet which contains all basic nutrients that are necessary for our body.
5. Eat fruits regularly to protect yourself from diseases.  

Most importantly, one must have inner peace and happiness as it is a source from which our happiness germinates. So stay healthy to live a happier life.

Prerna Rathod
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