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Serial entrepreneur in various industries across regions making new attempts in online education targeting pre schoolers in China and Hong Kong

Episode #56: Sandeep Dutt in conversation with Colman Ho, Country Lead and Ambassador for Hundred, a serial entrepreneur, specialises in sales and marketing with experience in media & advertising, travel & hospitality, education & entertainment, eCommerce & IT industries across three continents. In his career, continuous learning is in the core of his works. His passion for inclusion, empathy and endurance directed him to a job that includes merging impactful innovation with education. Colman is currently a partner of investment advisories from Europe and Asia, helping edtech, deeptech and travel tech to grow globally via strategic partnership, investment and marketing. He is also a mentor of HK Science and Technology Park, advisor of companies in China, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong in communication, wellness and co-working sectors. His organisation is trying to bring together tech companies from all over the to help solve the challenges we face to tackle our day-to-day learning challenges. Colman works to understand people and learn something new every day; he believes that better intellectual skills will help anticipate the future; for this, we need to listen, see and solve the pain points.

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