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Learning Forward Podcast 5th December 2020
Enthusiastic about innovation in education and human-centered service design to improve the lives of children and their family worldwide.
Episode #54: Sandeep Dutt in conversation with Luciana Pölönen, a multifaceted professional with over 10 years of experience in the fields of education, innovation, and social entrepreneurship. She has spent her 20s in Finland where she got her Master of Arts at the University of Helsinki, majoring in Literature and Education, minor in Gender Studies, Early Childhood Education, and Multicultural Competencies. She had the opportunity to co-found a cooperative for service design and participated in several social entrepreneurial ventures. She currently serves as the Head of Service Design at the national level for Escola Concept schools in Brazil. Luciana believes in equity in education through strategic design. Country Lead and HundrED Ambassador, she shares with us her experience and what goes into the making of an Educator. Luciana talks about her experience with Early Childhood Education, the need to understand gender in early years and how we need to respect the childhood of the child, without undue focus on preparing the child for life.

You will love the stories shared by our happy teachers and passionate educators. We grow the capacity of your people to improve student achievement and transform your school into a culture of trust and collaboration in less time with fewer resources. Each person in your school contributes to the culture of your school. School culture is built on the actions and interactions of the people. You make your school stronger by adding value to others and making others feel valued. 

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