Living your Life to the fullest - Richa Solanki

Life is very complicated as you all know, it is never same as before or after. Something and something is changing always, the changes are around you,  in you, or maybe inside you. Sometimes we also have no answer that the breaks or challenges we are facing are what,  why and how the problems are unlimited.  

Sometimes there is no solution and no conclusion. We never think that problems that are arriving in our life are literally our own mistake, we are very close to us only and always blame others, and say I am too far away from me. 

Some people always judge life by luck, all things happen due to good and bad luck of a person and say life has no feeling. If a person dreams or thinks they just say it is our luck. Life is large,  yet so small because we never accept the truth of our life. The things which we are thinking are too small but they are literally so big.

Dreams are colourful and beautiful, but sometimes we become blind when dreams make us sad. Don't disappoint yourself with its tinge of sourness,  we must live every moment and feel the edge and don't waste time. I may say life is a lovely road which has no end.  A lovely shore,  a lovely road where each aspect stands. 

Life is what we make and develop. Some people appreciate it, others take it for granted. It depends on you,  how you want to be.  Happiness gives great times. Don't give sadness a dime,  enjoy life,  rejoice,  it deserves treatment. Because your existence is in its fulfilment. Make every moment count,  live the present, never think about the past because life just slowly fades away and you just wish you could never let the past go away.

Richa Solanki
The Fabindia School

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