QUALITY - Rahul Kr. Thakur

Quality is a thing of excellence of something as compared or measured against other similar things and may be understood differently by different people. Quality determines how much and how well children learn and the extent to which their education translates. 

Every educator wants that their students have high standard and quality work. They always try to plan good lessons so their students can always do their best. 

Achieving quality can make yourself and others feel happy and good inside. We can also work together to get quality work and quality to care for the world. There should be always positive things in our words and thoughts need to be of high quality, there is no place for negative words. Its means not giving up of yourself, you need to believe that they can do it and educators must tell this to their students. 

And also in our circumstances, we need a friend who will stand by you when all will against. To get excellent in work we need a better quality of everything and for that, we practice and also educator can encourage their students for better quality work and students will give their best.

Rahul Kr. Thakur
The Fabindia School

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