Important Gift For Oneself Is Being Honest - Kavitha Devda

What do you mean by ‘To be honest to ourselves’?
 Why one should be honest to themselves?
Being honest with ourselves is actually a great thing. If we will not be honest to ourselves then how can we expect from others. When we lie to others or if we cheat them then they will not know at that time but we ourselves know the wrong thing done with them. After doing anything wrong if we regret or apologize even then it makes us feel guilty and ashamed. Though we can hide from others but cannot hide anything to ourselves. 

In life, you can cheat others by fooling them but when it comes to cheating yourself, it is quite impossible. You cannot hide anything from yourself, as your inner person will remind you of all your mistakes. We can imbibe many values in us at any age. It is never too late to do anything or anything in life. It is not difficult to say that I am honest or I never lie, but when you try to do that it still makes you feel think. 

“The most important thing is always to be honest with yourself without hesitating about things that matter a lot”

Kavitha Devda 
The Fabindia School

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