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Scientists of Beauty

Dirac wrote a book on the link between Relativity and Quantum Physics unsolved for a half century. Of this his biographer Farmelo wrote that ‘everyone was aghast at its beauty, with  its elegance and power. He was a like a great poet with equations.’ On occasion Einstein who had a copy could be heard mumbling “Where’s my Dirac?” when confronted by a tricky problem. These scientists could be called scientists of beauty.  Schroedinger had a row with Karl Popper for criticizing the 2nd Law of Entropy that he  thought the most beautiful theory in Physics. Dirac said the beauty of an equation was far more important than whether it was right or wrong.   For them Beauty was All.

Strangely, this is also true of Religion. Unfortunately excess words cause a blindness to beauty suffered by many scholars who cannot see mystic beauty;  i/3rd of school children leave school having lost the ability to visualize thereby losing the ability to discern beauty. Thus lay people are  fed words stripped of beauty. Islam suffers worse for their Mutukallimun (people of words) are murderers of  Sufis and now  suicide bombers.

I got from Robert Bridges  His Testament of Beauty and have my version in creativeinfinitymind.com using various aphorisms  that caused the Padre’s daughter of a Minister to call it absolute beauty. Here I  have Testaments of Love, Compassion and Beauty.  This is the ultimate Elixir of life that Thoreau sought.

Ted Falconar

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