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Learning Forward India Academy - Session 2456, Dallas

Tuesday, December 4, 2018
2456 | Developing a Professional Learning Program - The Indian Experience

Come to explore the Learning Forward India Professional Learning Program (PLP), an extended learning experience that immerses teachers across India in a model of inquiry and problem-based learning. Learn how blended learning provided a common platform to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing and accelerate program delivery. Appreciate the accomplishments of teachers who journeyed from resistance to the joy of learning and their students. Take away ideas to improve your own PLP.

Karl Clauset, National Center for School Change; Devanjali Dutt, Learning Forward India; & Sandeep Dutt, Learning Forward India (sd@ebd.in)

Area Focus: Outcomes - Educator and Student Learning
Topics: Blended/Online Learning, Deeper Learning, Global perspectives, Leadership Development
Session Length: 2-hours

Audiences: Principals, Assistant Principals, School-based Professional Development Leaders/Instructional Coaches, Teacher Leaders/Mentors/Team Leaders

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